Famous Footwear Store Coupons: Best Shoes for Pregnant Women

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Famous Footwear Store Coupons

Pregnancy brings problems that affect the legs and feet such as swelling, flat feet, and leg cramps. Here are some tips to prevent these common foot problems that occur during pregnancy.

Flat Feet

Famous Footwear Store Coupons

Hormones increase during pregnancy which helps relax ligaments including those ligaments at the feet leading to flat feet. The extra weight gained with pregnancy gave extra stress on your feet resulting to heel pain and your balance maybe affected. To prevent this problem from developing, avoid walking barefoot or standing for a long time. Sit down and elevate your feet when you can. Wear shoes that fit properly and use arch supports if needed.


Swelling or edema is commonly caused by an increase in blood volume and by the pregnancy hormones that cause swelling. This extra fluid is usually pulled down to your ankles and feet by gravity resulting to swelling of the foot. To relieve your swollen feet, walk to work your calf muscles which will help pump out some of the extra fluid from your feet. To decrease the swelling wear compression stockings, drink plenty of water, and avoid salty foods to prevent water retention. Most of all, wear shoes that fit properly.

Leg Cramps

Crocs Women's Duet Core Plus Clog ShoePregnant women have a high risk of getting leg cramps which may be due to tired muscles, pressure from the womb on the nerves and blood vessels, or changes in calcium concentration. Leg cramps usually occurs in the 2nd trimester both day and night. To treat this problem, do some walking to exercise; massage and stretch the muscles in your fee and leg; relax your muscles by taking a warm bath; and drink plenty of water.

Famous Footwear has a wide array of shoes that are suitable to pregnant women. Just present Famous Footwear Coupons and enjoy additional perks being offered for the month.

The Crocs Women’s Meleen sandals are made of molded Croslite(TM) upper. It has a round, open toe that keeps your foot cool and cushioning insole that has massage-like nubs. Its Croslite(TM) traction outsole will prevent you from slipping on wet surfaces. An ideal footwear for a pregnant woman like you – made affordable by Famous Footwear store coupons!

Skechers Women's D'Lites Essential Shoe

Another good product by Crocs that is best to purchase with Famous Footwear Coupons, the Women’s Duet Core Plus Clog has convertible sling strap that keep it attached to your foot. It has Croslite(TM) for an upper and insole and a non-marking traction outsole. Comfortable to wear for swollen feet – its price is very comforting too when you use Famous Footwear coupons free shipping with your purchase.

For pregnant women who have an active lifestyle, the Skechers Women’s D’Lites Essential will be an excellent choice for you – excellent to buy with Famous Footwear coupons 2014 too. This athletic sneaker has a mesh and leather upper with a slip on, backless construction. Its shock absorbing midsole give utmost comfort to the foot while its rubber traction outsole give superior grip in any kind of surfaces.

Shop with your Famous Footwear Coupons now to avail the perks offered by Famous Footwear stores near your area.

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